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About Us

Our Short Story


While working in the solar industry our owner Darrick Wimple realized that a lot of homeowners were only getting approved to get their roofs repaired instead of being replaced prior to getting solar panels installed. These patchwork jobs were only a temporary fix for the homeowner and what they really needed was a new roof. It became him mission to work with the insurance companies on the homeowner’s behalf to get the approval that they deserved for a full replacement of their roof and any other damages inside of their home that a leaky roof may have caused. If there are other weather-related damages to your home such as siding, fencing, gutters, etc. we try to get those things included in your restoration. We go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of from the beginning to the end of the job always putting your best interest first!

Why Choose Us


Low Cost


We keep your cost low by getting the insurance company to do what you pay them to do.... restore your home!  Most times you are only responsible for your deductible no matter what the cost of the job!

Quick Services


Our turn around time is based on how quickly we can get the insurance company to approve the work to be completed.  From the initial inspection we typically can have you a new roof in as little as two weeks.

Skilled Workers


Our team of skilled professional workers are some of the best in the industry.  We work together cohesively as a unit sharing the same belief that the customer comes first.  You can rest assured that you are receiving quality and service guaranteed.